What are Boyfit Jeans?

What are Boyfit Jeans?

Boyfit jeans, also known as boyfriend jeans, have become a popular trend in women's fashion. Known for their relaxed and comfortable fit, these jeans offer a stylish alternative to the more fitted styles traditionally worn by women. This article will delve into the characteristics of boyfit jeans, compare them to other popular styles, and answer some common questions about them.

Mom Jeans vs. Boyfriend Jeans

Mom jeans and boyfriend jeans are two popular styles that have made a significant comeback in recent years. While both offer a relaxed fit, they have distinct characteristics that set them apart.

What are Mom Jeans?

Mom jeans are high-waisted, typically with a straight leg that tapers slightly at the ankle. They often feature a more rigid denim fabric, which gives them a vintage, retro feel. The high waist accentuates the waistline, and the overall fit is more structured compared to boyfriend jeans. Mom jeans provide a flattering silhouette that highlights the waist and hips, making them a popular choice for a chic, casual look.

What is the Difference Between Mom Jeans and Boyfriend Jeans?

The main differences between mom jeans and boyfriend jeans lie in their fit and styling:

  • Fit: Mom jeans have a high waist and a more structured, tapered leg, while boyfriend jeans are low to mid-rise with a relaxed, looser fit throughout the leg.
  • Styling: Mom jeans offer a vintage, retro look with a more defined waistline. Boyfriend jeans, on the other hand, provide a casual, laid-back style with a baggier appearance.
  • Fabric: Mom jeans often use more rigid denim, while boyfriend jeans can be found in softer, more flexible denim options.


The length of both mom jeans and boyfriend jeans can vary. Mom jeans typically end at the ankle or just above it, while boyfriend jeans are often cuffed at the bottom to create a cropped look. This cuffing adds to the relaxed, casual vibe of boyfriend jeans.


How to Know if Boyfriend Jeans Fit?

To ensure a proper fit for boyfriend jeans, consider the following tips:

  • Waist: They should sit comfortably on your hips without being too tight.
  • Legs: The legs should be loose and relaxed but not overly baggy.
  • Length: Cuff the jeans to your preferred length, typically ending just above the ankle.
  • Movement: You should be able to move easily in them, as they are meant to offer comfort and a relaxed fit.

What is the Difference Between Girlfriend and Boyfriend Fit Jeans?

Girlfriend jeans are a more fitted version of boyfriend jeans. They still offer a relaxed fit but are slightly more tailored and closer to the body. Girlfriend jeans typically have a higher waist and a slimmer leg compared to the looser and more relaxed fit of boyfriend jeans.

Do Boyfriend Jeans Suit Everyone?

Boyfriend jeans are versatile and can suit various body types. Their relaxed fit can be flattering for many figures, providing comfort and a laid-back style. However, it's essential to find the right fit and style that complements your body shape. Trying on different sizes and styles can help you find the perfect pair.

Why are They Called Boyfriend Jeans?

Boyfriend jeans are named for their borrowed-from-the-boys look. The idea is that they resemble jeans you might steal from your boyfriend's closet—relaxed, slightly oversized, and comfortable. This style offers a casual, effortless look that has become a staple in women's fashion.

In conclusion, boyfit or boyfriend jeans are a trendy and comfortable option for those looking to add a relaxed style to their wardrobe. Understanding the differences between mom jeans and boyfriend jeans, as well as how to find the perfect fit, can help you make informed fashion choices and find the jeans that best suit your style and body type.


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