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Folding Drone Gesture Control Aerial Photography Four-axis Body Sense Gravity Induction Remote Contro

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Put on the controller glove, then command the drone to fly, swoop, hover, perform acrobatics and much more. All with virtual waves of your hand.

This is the mini drone quadcopter for kids. And it's so much fun adults love it, too!

This makes the perfect birthday present or holiday gift. Sales are expected to hit records for Christmas. Everybody wants their own remote control mini drone.

Kids enjoy having the magical power to wave their hand and watch the drone swoop and fly to their every command. This is a wonderful project for parent and child. Worried your child is spending too much time in front of the game console? This is the technological wonder that will draw him or her out of the house and actively commanding and chasing their drone.

This is a great way for parents and grandparents to teach kids about science, engineering, the wonders of flight, and a new way to be active while enjoying fresh air and sunshine.

Style: standard configuration