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Polar Dot Baby Blanket Blanket Newborn Baby Swaddle Wrap Envelope Bebe Wrap Newborn Baby Bedding Blanket

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Color: Purple
format: 102x76cm
SKU: CJWJYEYE01162-Purple-102x76cm
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1. warm and good product use:
1, be a blanket on the way out
2, be air conditioning cover in summer
3, be used as baby stroller cover
4, lay it on the bed as a blanket for babies
5, after taking the shower, can be used as baby bath towel
6, sleeping at night, it can help baby to be against the wind


Product Name: Double layer composite foam blanket
Material: front - short plush blister, back - lamb velvet

Color: white, pink, purple, green, blue, gray

Size: 102 * 76 cm

Package Content:
1 x ring

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